[HOWTO] Install samba 3.6.25 on a ZyXEL fw4 nas

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Eine Art FFP 2.0 mit neuen Möglichkeiten und besserem Paket-Managment.

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Re: [HOWTO] Install samba 3.6.25 on a ZyXEL fw4 nas

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thanks for the suggestions, are they capable of streaming more than 1 4k stream at once? i can't find much information on their capabilities in that regards

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Re: [HOWTO] Install samba 3.6.25 on a ZyXEL fw4 nas

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A 4k stream is something like 25Mbit/sec, which is about 3MB/sec. That is no problem for any NAS.
The problem with 2 streams is that 2 files have to be streamed simultaneously. Assuming the files are on the same disk, that means the disk has to alternate between these 2 files. To get 2 steady streams the box has to buffer in memory. That´s no biggy, a 1 second buffer is 3MB. The box has 1GB.
The most limiting factor is the harddisk. So if any NAS utilizing a conventional harddisk can provide 2 4k streams, I assume a NAS542 can do it either. It has enough memory for the task.

There is one caveat, transcoding is not possible. The CPU is simply too weak to transcode a video stream, not even SD.