Installing entware ourdays on NAS540

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Re: Installing entware ourdays on NAS540

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Mijzelf hat geschrieben:When the /opt directory is created by ZyXELcloud-agent you can safely delete it, before installing Entware-ng.

About the intrusive auto-install, no that's not the case on my NAS. It used to, but I wrote a patch to stop it. It's included in the Tweaks package under 'disable unneeded daemons'. I think I wrote that before the Entware-ng package, but I'm not sure. My documentation vanished with
This was the solution! After this action, a myzyxelcloud unstinstallation and a rebott, the /opt wasn't there anymore and I could install the entware-ng package without any errors (also without any timeouts!). Thank you!

For the others, what has to be done to install entware-ng via MetaRepository on a NAS540:

1. Install MetaRepository
2. Install Tweaks
3. Activate in Tweaks: disable unneeded daemons: MZCA_auto_install.pyc
4. Install entware-ng