NAS542: SD Karte defekt -> Bootloop

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Re: NAS542: SD Karte defekt -> Bootloop

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Any hints how to return it nearly stock state?
Unfortunately not. In case of uboot, you can just erase the enviroment paritition, in which case it falls back to the build in defaults, which are in most cases right. You just need to manually change the mac address, in case it's stored in uboot environment.

But this is barebox, and although it seems to be a derivative of uboot, I have no idea of the scripts in the environment filesystem are also stored in barebox itself.

BTW, it is strange that both you and Triu had a crippled barebox filesystem after changing some file. I wonder if there is a bug in (this version of) barebox which causes filesystem corruption.
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Re: NAS542: SD Karte defekt -> Bootloop

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Just in case someone faces the same issues, I've put the barebox stuff into a GitHub repository:

I attached my Raspberry Pi to the serial console and used the

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command to create/modify the respective files. Afterwards I issued the

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command to write the changes to the persistent storage
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