NAS540: Which UPS to choose?

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NAS540: Which UPS to choose?

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I plan to buy a UPS. The ones from APC are mentioned in this datasheet: ... S540_7.pdf. Do you have any experience with these? As (only) APC is mentioned, can I expect anything special from an APC UPS together with the NAS that does not work with a UPS from other vendors? In the datasheet it is said: "APC USB UPS monitoring and auto shutdown.". So I guess I can't expext more than a beeping sound and a shutdown of the connected devices in case of a power outage.

Is there any model that you can recommend? I thought about 4-6 power sockets, so maybe BX - BX1400U-GR, BR900G-GR or better but not much beyond 250 EUR. It should cover the two NAS (or maybe only one in case the UPS itself fails, then I still have the backup NAS), one computer and maybe the monitor. All smaller devices should not run into big issues if the electricity is gone.
Connector-wise I am tempted to buy BR900G-GR but the firmware and support in case you need it seems to be desastrous according to the high amount of negative comments on public shopping platforms. I was in touch with many years ago and from what I read today their level of "quality and support" still seems to be unchanged. Still they seem to have the best devices on the market.

As far as I know, APC still uses proprietary Windows software, is that right? Or can their UPS be controlled from the wb browser meanwhile?
Is a good candidate or is there any better software for the daemon or monitoring?

If not APC, which other UPS is recommended from your side?